8 Exotic Foods From Around The World

Some of the more pleasant food surprises while traveling may be french fries on pizza. Strange, but still appetizing foods from around the world, will not cause you much distress. What you should put more emphasis on, is researching cultures that are extremely opposite from your own. In these countries, it is more than likely that you will find common food items that make you cringe. I am a full believer in the “When in Rome” ideology of trying new foods while traveling. I will try just about anything once. This being said, even I have foods that make me cringe thinking about, let alone eating.

Here are eight foods that might seem too strange for you to even consider trying:

1. Fried Crickets and Tarantulas. These are common in many asian countries, so don’t be surprised to see vendors selling these tasty snacks.

2. Criadillas. In Spain, bulls testicles are a delicacy. If anyone has had Rocky Mountain Oysters in the U.S. then you have tasted it for yourself!

3. Dog. You have probably heard of dogs being common meals rather than pets in Southeast Asian countries.

4. Beondegi. In Korea, street vendors, restaurants and bars sell silk worms that have been boiled and seasoned.

5. Monkey Brains. In Indonesia, it is a delicacy to eat live money brains. Your host may want to treat you to the best dinner by taking you to a very expensive restaurant where a live money is immobilized under the table and you gather around and eat the live monkey brains.

6. Bat Skewers. This is Burma’s favorite street snack. Bats are roasted and served on a stick to make it a easy snack that is high in nutrition!

7. Fried Guinea Pig. Americans see the guinea pig as more of a pet, but in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia they are a delicious meal.

8.Haggis. A popular Scottish dish that is stuffed a sheep’s stomach that is stuffed with the sheep’s minced heart, lungs, liver, oatmeal, onions and spices. You can think of it as a large sausage!

These eight foods may seem disgusting to you. I can barely even type the word tarantula because I am so arachnophobic, let alone eat them fried. Before you judge these foods too closely, think about your own culture. American’s love chewing gum which seems down right disgusting and weird to many people. The fact that we eat turkey on holidays and on the majority of our sandwiches is appalling. When exploring new foods while traveling, do not be rude and judgmental of the culture. If you feel uncomfortable eating something then politely decline, but do not show disgust. Every culture has their own opinion of normal foods! Does anyone have a story about an experience with exotic food?


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